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Brack Attack
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Matt Watson

Creative Director

Watson earned his stripes at Lippincott (NYC) on brands like BMW, CitiGroup and Chevron/Texaco before investing over ten years at NIKE. Today, his portfolio and team reflect top-tier athletic organizations and cultural icons. Our work spans Digital, Print, Environments, Product and Brand Design.

Dave Sjolin

Information Architect

Founder of Déjà Logic - a boutique software development company in Portland since 2006 - who, with his business partner & long-time friend Matt Watson, work at the Left Bank Project as BLINDSIDE. He's got over 20 years of experience in software engineering and a talent for creating accessible tools used to manage complex, technical systems.

"It's like having the Justice League in your back pocket."

Project Blindside is a dual agency effort from Dave Sjolin and Matt Watson. It's like having the Justice League, Avengers or '72 Miami Dolphins in your back pocket.

"Our team builds comprehensive brand experiences."

Together our team builds comprehensive brand experiences across multiple communication channels; brand, retail, digital, P.R, Events, Product and Marketing.

"Looking for a fresh perspective."

Whether you're revitalizing your brand, or looking for a fresh perspective it all starts with a conversation. Call us. Email us. Text us. Don't be shy.